The following is a mix of product test/reviews from some of the most respected editors in the country and testimonials from everyday riders sharing their real life survival stories…

Best Jacket Ever!

I wanted to thank you and your company for your great jacket
build. I bought the US Army Flak jacket in Black/Grey. Yesterday morning 5-23-13 I was on my motorcycle in heavy traffic and was hit from the side by a car. My bike threw me of in a few seconds sending me tumbling down the busy and active fast lane. I was lucky traffic stopped. Mostly I got to the hospital and the trauma team went to work looking for any upper body damage. My entire upper torso was damage free thanks to the armor design of the jacket. One elbow in the jacket is shredded and the left arm ripped apart from the outside seams but stayed intact. I can thank your company enough for a perfect amount of armor, style, light weight, and injury saving features. I ended up with a broken foot, but I'm smiling today because I'm not dealing with more internal upper body injuries. I can't recommend these jackets enough and will be shopping online for a new one. Best jacket ever.

U.S. Army® Delta [Mesh] Military Spec

Best Ever

"The Graphite is by far the best jacket I've ever owned."

Hot Bike Magazine

Biker Chique

"... The Harlow jacket ha turned me into some wildly sexy, hair blowing, lips glossy, eyes sparkly biker chick."

Iron Horse Magazine

Well worth the money

“ ... I wanted the protection of the armor and a mostly mesh jacket because it gets really hot here in the summer. The Lola was exactly what I wanted. It was perfect timing too because the very next weekend my husband and I were riding our Suzuki Intruder 1500 through the mountains of North GA, took a turn a little wide, hit some gravel and off we went. Luckily we hit the hillside and not the cliff side and we were only going about 25 mph. My husband was wearing a t-shirt and a leather vest. He has road rash on his left arm and shattered all the ribs on his left side. I had on my Lola jacket and all I have is a bruised shoulder. I know for sure that the armor in my jacket saved my shoulder from being broken. We got our gear back today and I was afraid my jacket would be ruined. To my surprise it's barely even scratched! Thank you so much for making this product, it's well worth the money I paid and when (if!) I ever wear it out I will be purchasing another one ASAP. I'm recommending this jacket to all my friends.”

Nikki. Alpharette, GA.

Good Lookin Victim

I saw on your website some testimonials, and I thought I would send you mine.  My wife had been after me for years to replace my leather jacket.  I had been using a jacket I purchased in 1989 with my first motorcycle and it was worn and the style was...dated!  Last fall I decided I would break down and purchase a jacket.  I went to Chaplin Kawasaki and was looking at jackets where I found a Power-Trip leather jacket that I liked.  I bought the jacket and have been wearing it since.  On November 12, 2010, I was traveling on a back road when the motorcycle went into a violent wobble that I couldn't correct.  I ended up over the bars and flew 15-20 feet before impacting the ground.  The medics that responded unfortunately cut off the jacket and I was transported to the hospital where I learned I had fractured the L1 vertebrae in my back.  Other than that injury I didn't have a mark on me and the nurses and medics told me that my jacket and helmet had saved me from further injury.  The hospital staff told me I was the best looking motorcycle crash victim they had ever seen!  Thanks again for the quality jacket, my wife isn't too happy I said I'd be pulling out ol' faithful, so I think next spring she'll be taking me jacket shopping and I'll be looking for another Power-Trip jacket. 

Eric. Chaplin, CT.

Purpose Driven

"... every model is developed on the seat of a bike ... every item is purpose driven to ride."

V-Twin Magazine

Any Weather

"The Dakota II is the perfect year-round riding jacket with all the options to handle any weather." 

Hot Bike Magazine

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